About Micha Raines

Micha raines is a supporter of the Nevada Children's Center.Dynamic public relations professional and philanthropist Micha Raines studied at Japanese universities in Kyoto and Osaka before transferring to the University of California, Berkeley. While there, she joined Sigma Kappa, a sorority that emphasizes community service. Raines became involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, participating in events with other sorority members to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies, Micha Raines secured the first of many positions that highlighted her skills in communications and professional leadership. After a stint as an Assistant Publicist to Connie Ross, Raines directed marketing and publicity campaigns for several Las Vegas strip casinos. Today, Micha Raines leverages her abilities as an administrator in the realm of private estate management, which requires frequent travel to accommodate clients in both Europe and Asia.

When not professionally engaged, Micha Raines offers her energy and resources to a number of community groups. She donates to Nevada Children’s Center, a facility that empowers youth affected by abuse, neglect, and other unfortunate circumstances. Raines also lends her time to a nearby church, where she leads children of many ages in accessible, Montessori-style lessons about Catholicism. Finally, Micha Raines is affiliated with a group contributing to the reimagining of Lied’s Discovery Children’s Museum, an art, science, and cultural center that will welcome young audiences to its new exhibits next year. During her free time, Micha Raines enjoys pursuing homeopathy, yoga, organic food, art, photography, and fashion.


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